Services Offered


Ever wondered why your walks are so challanging or why your dog behaves like they do? Maybe they are reactive or have bitten before? My behavioural walks will give you insight and knowledge as to they why’s and how’s as well as practical advice as to how to best help your dog. I always work on and individual and needs based approach. These walks are for those who wish to be practically involved in the walking while developing their relationship with their dog and at the same time understanding their needs. Support and guidance is on hand from myself during these sessions.

Prices from £22.50 per session.


Specializing in 1:1 walks which offer enrichment, are structured in a way to encourage the dog to use their natural abilities via their nose and brain. These walks are great for people who may be working or otherwise engaged and would like their dog to be stimulated with professional and behavioural input.

Prices from £15 per session.


Worried about leaving your dog in unfamiliar and possibly noisy environments while you are away for a weekend, a week or maybe longer? Or maybe you have not had a break in years due to not being able to leave your dog with a suitable person? Why not keep them in their usual home setting which greatly helps keep stress to a minimum with someone who understands their needs. I can cater for individual requirements and care for the animals present keeping everyone happy and content until your return.

Prices from £40 per day.


Tailor made visits to cover all the needs of your cat or other pets while you are away. Experience with many different animals, cold blooded or warm blooded, furry or feathered, even aquatics. plenty of fuss and attention if appropriate at no extra cost.

Prices from £10 per visit.

Bank Holidays charged at double time per session, weekends charged at an additional £5 per session.